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The first of four episodes about a priestly serial molester of altar boys who never was punished and went on to work as a drug and alcohol counselor. 

Father Charles Sullivan was punished for his drunkenness, his whore-mongering and for threatening to shoot the Bishop. And he died alone, in disgrace, abandoned by the church.

Father Richard Lavigne gets arrested for multiple counts of child molestation and child rape. Will he ever be punished?

Episode Two begins with an apocalyptic Catholic doomsday cult with odd sexual practices. Meanwhile, the suspected murderer priest continues to molest altar boys. 

Thirteen year old altar boy Danny Croteau was murdered on April 14, 1972. And a Catholic priest was the sole suspect. 

This season of Devils and Dirtbags focusses on the Roman Catholic Diocese of Springfield, Massachusetts. Similar stories of evil could also be told about every single one of the 19...

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