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We hear a sad tale from "Sarah," the long-suffering wife of one of Richard Lavigne's victims. She tells us about her husband's abuse at the hands of the murderer priest and the imp...

On the night of May 21, 2021, the suspected murderer Richard Lavigne died at the age of 80 from COVID complications. The local DA claimed he was getting ready to arrest the former ...

In the season finale of Devils and Dirtbags, we tie up some loose ends and visit the spot where Danny Croteau was murdered on April 14th, 1972.

We hear from Danny Croteau's youngest sister, an inspirational woman named Cat, on how the 1972 murder of her brother impacted her entire family. 

Crash knocks on the door of Richard Lavigne and the child molesting ex-priest has a lot to say.

Both Father James Scahill and reporter Bill Zajac knew Bishop Thomas Dupre was evil. How could they stop him?

How could men like Richard Lavigne, Father X and Charles Sullivan, plus dozens of other Springfield priests, get away with such evil criminal behavior? Well, when the person in cha...

Father X, under the influence of bourbon and a willing listener, reveals all about his sordid family history... and why he turned out to be so evil.

Using the element of surprise, and a bottle of 100 proof bourbon, Crash gets Father X to tell his tale of woe.

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